Music, Milongas and Gastronomical surprises.

May 6-8th, 2022

Tango creates and constructs so many emotions that it’s difficult to list them all; but today we’d like to talk about just one: friendship. Through tango, ando through years of moments shared together, the friendships we’ve made is just as unique as the sensation generated in every step for both dancers. We know that you enjoy this dance as much as we do, so we wanted to create a great party for you. Will you join?

LOS AMIGOS DE MIS AMIGOS is an event consisting of 3 emotional days during which we can all share embraces, music and friendship. And, above all, together we can all share our joy for tango again. Without you, this won’t be possible!

The beach of Palma de Mallorca will be the place where we can all spend a great weekend together: in a 600m dance hall, with parquet flooring and excellent acoustics. And with the best DJ’s to make us dance for more than 20 hours!

Your presence make us incredibly happy.
Un abrazo,
Valeria and Ariel


“Tango - 19” short film presentation

She, how every night, get ready for going tango dancing, but, we get “ the new” of 2020.. we cannot go out.
Idea/ Production/ Starring: Amira Cámpora
With the participation of “Gustavo Naveira” & “Duo Ranas”

will pass the hat for a donation 😉 thanks!

Roxana Vincelli Tango Clothes

At a party with friends, the clothes of the wonderful Roxana Vincelli could not be missing. You will stand out in the milonga with her beautiful designs.

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